O’l Digger Ben

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30s Preview of the song:

O’l digger Ben won the award for best lyrics in a 2016 national song writing competition. Music was written by Michael Kerlin and produced by Michael Skeers hope you enjoy it.



My name is Denise Flack and I wrote O’l Digger Ben. It was my second attempt at songwriting and I am very proud of the end result.

O’l Digger Ben is a fictional character but we all know someone like him or see someone that reminds us of him, especially on Anzac Day when those brave proud old men march so beautifully. It is impossible not to be moved or be overcome by an enormous wave of Australiana

This is a song dedicated to all the ol’ diggers in every Aussie’s life. Whether he be your father, grandfather, uncle, teacher, neighbor, or just someone you know and look up to, all our war veterans deserve only the highest praise and admiration. They are the ones who know what it truly means to be Australian: they fought hard so Aussies today can enjoy the peaceful, wonderful lives they currently lead. This is also a song about a friendship so strong it feels like family: a relationship we should all aspire to have and hold close to our hearts. Here’s a 30 second preview of Ol’ Digger Ben.

3 reviews for O’l Digger Ben

  1. denis gorden Rothacker

    What a moving song that could resonate with any person in aged care. Loved it.

  2. Kelly

    Loved it !!!

  3. stephen coveny (verified owner)

    i found this song moving and authentic around my own personal experiences.This Heritage is something we can all be Proud Of.Amazing story of Courage,Hardship and Survival that should never be Forgotten.

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